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Save tons on design and development

Instead of trying to build and maintain your own apps at great expense, you can now quickly white label and launch an award winning support and community platform with your branding that allows you to build your community, support those who need it, and drive your key metrics.

This means you can quickly launch your own apps out of the box.

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Web App- Sign In/Up from your website
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Android App- In Playstore with your name
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IoS App- In Appstore with your name
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Desktop App- For Windows & Mac

It's the important things

We help Non-Profits increase quality, value & growth.
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Mission Impact

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Empower your beneficiaries with illness support tools.

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Deliver community support to your beneficiaries in their home & in a user experience they understand.

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Communicate your impact to stakeholders & funders with transparent analytics & reporting.

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Drive an increase in private donations.

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Drive an increase in funding opportunities by delivering proven impact which is easily communicable to beneficaries, funders & stakeholders.

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Align your service channel delivery with your donar behaviour.

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Supercharge member acqusition & conversion rates.

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Capture visitors to your website & app stores that would otherwise be lost.

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Enable organic community growth.

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Deliver improvements in stakeholder enagement & retention.

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Return on Investment

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No upfront design & development costs.

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No time, money, and risk associated with R&D, ongoing maintenance & security.

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Launch quickly.

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Your content works for you, not for someone else.

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100% of your content is delivered to your audience, at no cost.

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Your content appears in search engines driving sign ups, visitors to your website, and your SEO rating.

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Leading Technology

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Industry grade security & compliance (HIPAA, GDPR).

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Awarding winning technology.

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Modern & rich user experience.

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Regular updates & releases included.

Stand out from the rest

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Deliver your mission
Your app will gives users the ability to manage their illness, reducing stress and improving outcomes.
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A key differentatior to attract funders
Grow your membership and increase funding. Delivering your own branded apps is a big differentiator, greatly increasing sign up, engagement, and retention of beneficiaries & funders.
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Engaging and scales easily
Members can invite family members to their private family hub to help co-ordinate help with their illness, share memories and use the communication features. They will automatically follow your community content page.
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Lasting growth, done smartly

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Your own community & branded social network
Your content gets delivered directly to your users in a modern rich user experience that users understand. All of your content is delivered without having to pay for ads, unlike Facebook where organic reach is now minimal and you have to 'pay to play' to have to your content delivered to your followers.
For more info. on why Facebook is not a good place to post a Nonprofit's content, see here.
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Your content working for you, not others.
The content you publish on your apps is indexed and searchable by search engines. The right audience, at the right time, can find your content on Google or Bing which drives traffic to your website, sign-ups to your community and greatly increasing your SEO rabking and organic reach.
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A real user community
You can capture members and easily create your own community. Deliver ulity, content and messaging to at no marketing cost, increasing reach and donation raising.
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A sign in & sign up button on your website

Your branded web app will be hosted on your website domain e.g. with a sign in and sign up button on your website. This will allow you to sign up and capture visitors to your website to become part of your community.

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“We have grown and supported our community way beyond what we ever imagined and can communicate with them easily without spending money on facebook ads” Meghan, Carefolk
New Product Announcement


We are very excited to announce Heros.

Heros is a Volunteer management & communications platform that allows you to recruit, manage and engage your Volunteer force, under your branding.

Supercharge volunteer engagement & retention with Heros
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Volunteers Product


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Dedication to those we serve

Our core company mission to bring community and support tools to those who need them. Our expertise is in product design and technology and we recognize that those best placed to provide support & community are the Non-Profits that do incredible work in supporting and shining a light on the needs of those they serve. We dedicate ourselves to making sure that Nonprofits can pursue their mission and growth with the greatest impact.

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Openness & Transparency

We don't do surprises or hidden catches. We do not want or expect our customers or the users of the platform to be surprised or upset by actions or anything we do. Our commitment is to transparency & openness on who owns data, use of information, how we make our money, as well as our partnerships on the platform.

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Delivering a beautiful user experience

We are passionate about product design and delivering products that have industry quality security and are as accessible as possible to people of all different ages and backgrounds. It is impossible to deliver a user experience that absolutely everyone loves, but we do our best to improve and delight the user along the way.

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Always improving

We believe in gathering feedback from customers and users and improving our products with continuous development and deployment. We believe too that all customers and users should get the benefits of those improvements. We push updates automatically to them and their users.

Simple. The user whos signs up to the platform own's their own data. We don't claim any ownership over data, or allow Nonprofits to claim ownership over data that their users provide via the platform. User's have to give certain permissions on how the data is used in order for us to be able to provide the service, but we do not own, access, modify, copy, or delete the data, or sell it to marketing companies.
Security of data is our highest priority.
To safeguard customers and user's data we align with industry best practices for protecting confidentiality and data integrity. This is equivalent to the data security methods used in banking and medical facilities. Secure access over HTTPS (SSL) is provided with all domains. Data center SSAE-18 audited. Data is encrypted in transfer, and encrypted at rest. Data is backed up continuously over a 35 day retention period.
We are both HIPAA & GDRP Compliant, and compliant with consumer protection laws in relevant jurisdictions.
Under the EU General Data Protection Regulation ("GDPR") for the processing of data, both a Data Controller & Data Processer need to be identified. For the purposes of providing the platform, we act as joint Data Controllers with our Customer (the Non-Profit) for the purposes of providing the service to their users. We act as the Data Processor for providing service to our customers and users of the platform.
Absolutely. Our product and service is based on a recognition that most Nonprofits do not have the technical expertise or support staff to build, maintain and support users of technology of this complexity. We work with you to get you up and running quickly and we look after the ongoing maintenance and support of the technology.
There is no limit to the number of users that can be added.
Yes, we take on board feedback from customers and the users of the platform and always look to make improvements where they make sense for the community as a whole. All improvements and feature updates are pushed to all customers and users of the platform.
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